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Students Advice to Students

Every student is asked to write from their personal experience on the advice they would give to future Canes in Cannes.

Visit the student blog section to read advice directly from students. 
Things To Know
  • Arrive a day early (if you can) It's so much better to have a day to adjust, sleep and explore.

  • Go solo if your friends don’t want to go to the same talks that you are interested in. Put yourself first and make sure you get to the talks you want. You can always meet back up later.

  • Talk to strangers everyone has a story to tell and are at Cannes for different reasons but we all are connected through creativity and you never know whose business card you will get.

  • Don’t sleep in! Don’t skip talks because they are too early, the best ones start at 10am, so make sure you are ready for them

  • Pack clothes that are comfortable. It is going to be HOT. Like you are going to sweat buckets. 

  • Get to talks early. Really popular talks can fill up. Don’t get stuck watching the talk on a big screen, it is not the same experience.

  • RSVP to everything. It doesn't matter if you actually plan on going. It's better to be on the list just in case, rather than wandering around desperately looking for a party to get into.

  • Go to the beach day parties. Your pass will get you into a ton of cool ones like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. They’re incredible and full of swag, drinks and food. 

  • Spend your time in between talks at the sponsored beach tents. The Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube sponsored beach areas were awesome and sometimes even had cool talks going on.

  • Be sure to check out the workshops in addition to the big seminars, forums and master classes. These are very cool and hands on learning. You also get a chance to interact with people you don't know from all over the world. 

  • Don’t plan any shopping on Sunday, most places are closed.

  • Take advantage of the Cannes Lions archive when you get back and watch it all.

  • Stay a couple of extra days while you're in Europe and travel. You're already there. It's worth it.

  • Learn then names on the test and even ones not on the test. This is the most practical exam you will ever take because the information is actually helpful to know. 

  • Buy food at the grocery store and keep it in your backpack. Sometimes you’ll have a lineup of talks back-to-back “that’s why we pack the snacks.”

  • Stick to your guns. If you want to go to a talk no one else is going to, GO. You can meet up with your friends afterwards. 

  • Study for the test BEFORE you get to Cannes. It's actually useful to know while you are there.

NEW AS OF 2023:

  • Research the fringe events going into the week and add them into your schedule. There are a ton of cool events happening that aren't on the main schedule!

  • Grab a few snacks at the beginning of the week to keep in your bag, but don't overdo it, there is SO much free food EVERYWHERE (our faves for free food were Twitter Beach & Warner Bros.) definitely take advantage of the free stuff.

  • PORTABLE CHARGER. That's it. Portable Charger.

What to Bring
The Outdoors
  • Dress comfortable the south of france can get as hot as Miami.

  • Bring sunscreen, when hanging out at the sponsored beaches making connections you don’t want the sun to blow up your spot.

  • Sunglasses

  • Hats


The Indoors
  • Notebook + pens to document your day and right down your biggest takeaway from each talk

  • Portable Charger

  • Europe plug adapter (two is better than one)

  • Ipad or laptop to keep at the hotel

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