COURSE DATES: (TBC) Expected Saturday June 18 – Sunday, June 26, 2022
FESTIVAL DATES (TBC) : Monday, June 20- Friday, June 24
What is the Cannes Lion Experience?


The Cannes Lions Experience is a course developed around the biggest event in the advertising and creative industry as a whole. The best in the industry are there from advertising agencies to filmmakers it’s a great opportunity to meet and learn from the best of the best. Consider this the Olympics of Advertising.


Who should come?


Anyone pursuing a career in the creative field. Whether you are majoring in Advertising, Marketing, or Filmmaking, there are tons of talks and workshops you can go to where you may learn a new skill or insight. While there you also meet people already working in your dream job. This is your chance to speak with someone that is sitting in the chair you hope one day to sit in.


Meet industry professionals


Throughout the week it is highly possible to have one-on-one talks with industry professionals. In 2017 we had very intimate talks with Madeline Dinini, Ecole Weinstein, two representatives from Crispin, Porter + Bugousky, Stan Smith of Adidas, and the creative team from David Miami.

So much more than a networking event.


Networking is a huge plus and highly encouraged but the truth is, there are over 150 hours of encouraging, inspirational, mind blowing talks happening throughout the week. It is more likely you will find yourself saying, “there are 15 talks I want to go to today but I only have time for 8”. Luckily you can catch up on all the talks you missed after Cannes Lions has finished, so don’t beat yourself up. The networking comes with the meet ups organized by the professors, and you getting out and about in between all the amazing talks happening daily.


What are these “Talks” I keep hearing about?


If you are familiar with Tedtalks they are similar to that structure. An industry expert is on stage for about an hour covering a specific topic. These are people in advertising, marketing, filmmaking, as well as music industry professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors, and celebrities; the list goes on and on. These talks walk you through some of the most creative minds in the world. They truly inspire you to go back home, work on your portfolio and start creating your next big idea - or simply give you the hunger to launch your career as soon as humanly possible.


Why Cannes?


This is the place where you learn what the industry has been doing and more importantly where it's headed. It is a place where we all want to be and even established professionals wish one day to go. It is a great talking point in any interview, something that is sure to impress.

Is it worth the expense?


Ask any student who has traveled in years past. The answer is yes. Not one, but many students have claimed the same thing... "I learned more in 9 days, than I have in my 4 years of college." This is no joke of a course. The days start early and end late. There's little time for sit down meals, or sleep for that matter. In fact, students could technically book enough hours to earn 6 credits in this week if they really tried. Don't let the number of days fool you. 

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